Custom Request

Thank you for your interest in requesting a custom embroidery order! At this time I am focusing on North American wildlife. Please submit these details in the form below:

  • Your idea! 
  • Size of piece or budget
  • Will you be sending me an item, and if so, what is it? Felt hat, jean jacket, flannel, t-shirt, blundstones, etc. 
  • Your timeline

Once this message is received I will reach out to you for any reference photos or additional details you may have of what you’d like stitched. From there I will direct you to a listing for your custom order where you can place small down payment, receive a sketch mock up of your idea, and decide what suits you best. 

Custom orders generally take a month once received to complete and mail back, though the timeline can be shorter or longer based on time of year and demand. 

Please keep in mind that I have the right to decline custom requests that do not fit my style and clothing items/accessories that would be difficult to stitch. You should receive a message from me either way following the submittal of this form. 

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